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Types of marble flooring

Marble flooring is done in different types of floor tiles, they come in different colors and patterns, they include the dynasty cream marble which is a foot squared, it is used by customers who prefer the common colors and lasts for long, Caribbean Green Decorative Marble tile which is mostly used for decorative purposes, it goes well with houses whose interior color has some bit of green so as to bring out a match that is attractive, Temple Gray Marble tile is also used in flooring due to its ability to match in many different house colors, Emperador Café Polished Marble which is a bit darker than the usual cream colors but also durable and beautiful, Mystique Classic Marble and Carrara White Polished are also available atMarble Floor Team and they much for different house backgrounds.


Cost of marble floors

The cost of installing marble tiles on a house floor mainly depends on the size of the house, the type of flooring material to be used and the patterns to be used in installing the flooring materials. The larger the size of the floor the more the flooring material will be used and the more the money the customer will pay, this also applies to the type of material to be used, flooring material have different prices depending on the quality, shapes and designs on the flooring when a customer wants to change their house to a marble one, they have to take some time to see which are the best marble tiles to fit their budget and also their personal preferences.



marble floors have beautiful, unique look like no other floor material in the market, with their whirling patterns and shads variations they bring out some of the best house interior designs that one would want in their house.

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Marble Floors

When it comes to choosing the pattern in which the marble tiles will take in the house it might become a bit of a task when matching the patterns from one tile to another, we at Marble Floor Team mostly encourage our contractors to lay out the tiles over the entire surface before installing, after the house owner confirms he wants the tiles done that way then then contactors are able to do the tiles installation without worry.

marble floors also have high maintenance requirements and must be sealed regularly. For cleaning a mild detergent solution is used or use cleaning detergents specially made for marble floors. Always ensure you don’t sent drinks on marble floors as there is always a ring left and always wipe any spills immediately so as to prevent staining of the marble surface.

Marble will continue to be used by many of our customer due to their availability in different colors and others are multicolored and look very beautiful in houses. marble floors are also able to take extremely high and fine polish than other flooring materials, this makes marble floors more attractive to most customers. marble floors ate natural materials from earth thus they are ecofriendly and bio degradable, they don’t cause pollution even after they have finished their usefulness.

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